RIDE ON Gh Passenger Code of Conduct

Passengers are required to:
  • Show respect to fellow passengers and RIDE ON Gh staff including the shuttle drivers, security and protocol persons.
  • Utilize the RIDE ON Gh application to book seats on the shuttles.
  • Display QR code for scanning prior to boarding the shuttles.
  • Respect the decisions made by the shuttle drivers who are focused on the overall safety of driving.
  • The shuttle drivers may alter their route due to driving, traffic or weather-related conditions.
  • Adhere to the regulations regarding maximum passenger numbers.
  • Sit one person to one seat. Do not stand in the aisle.
  • Be responsible for your guests.
  • Refrain from being disorderly by behaving in the following way:
    • Disruptive, disrespectful, distracting the driver, being in possession of weapons or open containers of alcohol or being too ill for safe transportation.
  • To get on and off the shuttle at the designated stops. Drivers are not allowed to pick up/drop off passengers from areas that aren't the stop.
The RIDE ON Gh driver may contact Police or other law enforcement agencies for assistance in dealing with a passenger issue.
Transportation Expectations
  • Seating allocation is on a first-come first-serve basis. We are unable to offer any alternative form of transportation if the shuttle is fully occupied.
  • It is necessary for you to factor in traffic time when planning to take the shuttle. Please factor in at least 45 minutes delay during rush hour times. As a form of public transportation, it is important to be respectful and understanding of traffic, break downs, or other undetermined factors that contribute to a late shuttle.
    • Reimbursements for the above reasons will not be approved.
  • You are not guaranteed a spot on the shuttle. Although the shuttles do sit upwards of 20 passengers at a time, there is no guarantee all passengers will get on the shuttle.
  • Be sure to get to book and arrive at the shuttle stop on time to have the best shot at getting a seat.
  • Standees are NOT allowed on any shuttles.
Report all complaints with the shuttle service or shuttle personnel to us at feedback@rideongh.com
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